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Hollow Book


In the latest issue of make we have a similar project that involves hollowing out a book to make a palm pilot notebook. I’m on the lookout for the perfect book to secretly hold my cellphone!

Mix a solution of white glue and water. Just enough for the glue to be runny, and absorbed by the edge of the book’s pages. 50% to 70% glue (30% to 50% water) worked well for me. – Half a film canister full was enough for this book.


6 thoughts on “Hollow Book

  1. JohnKit says:

    If you think that an Altoids can is useful for holding things just think what you can do with a book!

  2. treoubo says:

    http://www.freehollowbooks.com will make you one. They are not free. Damnit. But I got one for $35 and it is awesome. I use it to hide all the stuff in my car that normally sits on the passenger seat. I put my phone, ipod, wallet, chapstick, money, keys, lighter, cigs and more inside it. Everyone asks me how I made it and I just lie and say I did it. check it out.

  3. Samuel says:

    I made one out of my old bible:

    I used mod podge instead of glue and have magnets to hold it shut, its really nice looking

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