Homemade FigRig (a small DV camera stabilizer made from PVC)

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Homemade FigRig (a small DV camera stabilizer made from PVC)

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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Method8 posted up an enhanced “FigRig” (a small DV camera stabilizer made from PVC) – “I used shygantic’s model and measurements to build mine. I included some enhancements so as to be able to use the camera’s remote control on the figrig. I used black PlastiK spray (like the one used for plastic car bumpers) and did two stickers on the sides at a Car Graphics Shop to give it a pro look. More comments with the other pics… “ [via] – Link.


  • DIY “Fig Rig” – DV Camera stabilizer made from PVC – Link.
  • Manfrotto’s Fig Rig (commercial version) – Link.
  • $14 Video Camera Stabilizer. You don’t have $10,000 to spend on a Steadicam? Make this ultra-low-cost video camera stabilizer and see how much better your video shots turn out. MAKE 01 – Page 84.

4 thoughts on “Homemade FigRig (a small DV camera stabilizer made from PVC)

  1. ventifact says:

    Every time I see these stabilisers I wonder how you “park” them. Short of hanging, to be put down the unit would have to lean on the camera.

  2. DGary says:

    Only one I’ve seen that you could “park” was done similarly to the $14 rig linked above, but in place of a barbell weight my buddy Dave poured concrete into half a basketball shell until it was about the weight he wanted, which knowing Dave is more than is needed and likely much more than 5 lbs.

    When “parked” it sits kind of like one of those punchy clown blowup things, but it works great as a “monopod” (can’t call it a tripod) in most terrain, much easier to adjust to the angle you want since the bottom is round, and it stays since the bottom is so heavy.

    We’ve used it on sand, loose gravel, grass, even stuck it in the water along the bank of the south fork of the american river, not one I’d repeat with my own camera, but if it’s someone else’s what do I care.

    I keep telling him he should epoxy the basketball half onto the weight, should give more traction when needed, and keep the cement from getting beaten up or grimey.

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