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By Julia Comey
I have always been a beauty junkie and love a good body moisturizing oil. I started making my homemade body oils a few years ago and now I can’t stop. I still purchase oils because I enjoy supporting beauty brands, but I love making my own oils even more.
The key to homemade oils is the type of oils for scenting. There are fragrance oils and essential oils which you must pay attention to. Essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin, but fragrance oils can be applied directly to the skin. Also, essential oils have been known to have healing properties, while fragrance oils are for your pure beauty enjoyment. I go back and forth between both. In the study of Ayurveda, oils can aid in many ailments. When I want a perfect oil to accent my standard lotion I use sweet almond oil with 5-10 drops of honeysuckle and jasmine essential oils. This can be worn alone or with a scent. It’s fun to experiment and play with all the combinations!

Aromatherapy: Recipes for Beauty, Health, and Well-Being by Victoria Edwards
Perfumes, Splashes and Colognes by Nancy M. Booth


Cobalt blue glasses size is your preference
Essential oils
Fragrance oils
Carrier oils

My favorite place online to buy oils are From Nature With Love and Aura Cacia. If I don’t order online I seek out a natural health food store or Whole Foods to find what I need.


Step 1: Make sure the glass bottles are clean and that all lids fit securely. Dry the glasses completely by placing them upside in the dishwasher or counter top with a towel underneath.
Step 2: Fill the glass bottle 3/4 of the way from the top with the preferred oils. This will prevent the oils from spilling out once you put the pump inside.
Step 3: Add 5-10 drops of essential or fragrance oil. Allow the drops to penetrate the oil. Let rest for 10 minutes.
Step 4: Put the pump dispenser inside the bottle and shake to evenly distribute. Pump a small amount of the oil in your hand. From the point you can add more oils for a stronger scent if you prefer.
Step 5: Enjoy your new oil body moisturizer!
About the Author:
Author Juliaconey
Julia Coney is the create of All About the Pretty, a website to devoted to all things beautiful. Julia’s philosophy is that beauty is a lifestyle and not just a product.

10 thoughts on “Homemade Body Oils

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard that if you have acne, you should avoid oils, but I’ve also heard that there are some oils that actually help. Is this recipe safe for those of us with skin issues?

  2. Liz says:

    Tea tree is a great oil for acne – it is also one of the essential oils that you can use directly on your skin. Make sure if you are using fragrance oils they are ones meant for use on skin as many are for scenting rooms etc and are NOT ok to put on your skin. Any essential oil is ok on skin once diluted – look up the effects i.e. do not use lemon grass if you are pregnant (unless you plan on bringing the due date forward!)

  3. A.O. says:

    Actually, you have to be very careful with Tea Tree oil, you do have to dilute it. There are ointments and creams made with it that are fine for direct use, but never the essential oil. This is the case with almost all essential oils.

  4. Serra says:

    Fragrance oils need to be diluted before being used on skin as do ALL essential oils (including tea tree and lavender), and the commenter who said not all fragrance oils are meant for skin is right–some are only made to scent the air or to scent objects in the home. Fragrance oils for skin should be cut at least to 10% FO/90% carrier oil, or more for sensitive skin and children.
    Don’t ever use fragrance or essential oils on skin without diluting them first. Using them without diluting them can lead to becoming allergic or sensitive to them and then you won’t ever be able to be around them again. This has happened to many people who thought they could just slather things on themselves, thinking that if it didn’t burn them then they were fine.
    Please take care in the use of all scented oils on skin so that you can continue to enjoy them for a lifetime.

  5. Ingrid says:

    Liz is right, tea tree oil can be used neat (undiluted, directly on the skin), as can lavender oil. Lavender is very good for 1st and 2nd degree burns.

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