How-To: Custom wooden case for wireless charging mat

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How-To: Custom wooden case for wireless charging mat

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Instructables user jvalal didn’t like the look of his Powermat inductive device charging station, so he stripped out the guts and “re-skinned” it with a handmade wooden case.

20 thoughts on “How-To: Custom wooden case for wireless charging mat

  1. Aero says:

    …he routed a piece of pine.

    1. ehrichweiss says:

      …he didn’t even build the damn charger… Seriously, WTF?

      1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

        If you’ve got a project, perhaps something you made yourself, that you’d like to see covered here, feel free to e-mail it to me directly at

        1. Wilson! says:

          Geez, Sean, having a bad day? Seriously, though, enough with the “why don’t you do something better” type of retort here on Make:

          It’s called criticism, and everyone’s a critic. I don’t have to be a great director to know the new Star Wars gave me a headache with all the lens-flare effect. Or can I not make that comment here ‘cuz I haven’t directed a big-budget Hollywood film? I thought my 1977 Chevy Vega was a piece of sh…. terrible car, but I’ll be quiet about that, too, since I haven’t built a car from scratch.

          Most of the time, the snarky comments here on Make: are pretty spot-on. Readers of this blog expect to see some effort put in, not just gutting a product and re-wrapping it.

    2. Sean Michael Ragan says:

      That’s part of what he did, yes. Did I not make that clear?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool, all this time I’ve been looking for a convenient way to charge my keys and my watch.

    1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

      If your keys aren’t working, it may be that they are worn down or you are using them in the wrong locks. They don’t actually require charging. As for your watch, I have to ask: Where did you find one that was set up for inductive charging?

      1. Anonymous says:

        …above your head….joke….nevermind..I can only hope you realize that by now..

        And WTF is up with me now needing to enter a damn CAPTCHA even though I have a registered accnt? I’m really, REALLY sick of having to learn a new way to login to this site every few months or so especially since the “remember me” selection doesn’t actually seem to remember me for more than a few hours at best and doesn’t warn me when it has failed to do so(thereby making me re-enter any comments), and before you suggest, it’s not a cookie issue. This is the only site of all that I visit that gives me this problem and I’ve seen other members with the exact same issue.

        Maybe I should Make! some working blog software…

        1. ehrichweiss says:

          The system **said** I was logged in and yet I’m listed above as Anonymous…yeah…I think my days are numbered for posting ANYTHING here because this is simply too much hassle for anything especially since even though I KNOW I logged in, it once again is asking me for a freakin’ CAPTCHA…

        2. Sean Michael Ragan says:

          Woops! Sorry! I can be pretty thick sometimes. =]

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