DIY Winter Candles

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DIY Winter Candles


Anna-Rosa of My Lifebox wanted to decorate her home for winter so she came up with this clever DIY Winter Candles project.

I don’t know about you but when I think about winter two things definitely come in mind..woolen knits and snuggling down in front of a fire place. Ok, of course I cannot show you how to build your own fire place and unfortunately I don’t know how to knit. However, I made my imagination work a bit harder and while I was searching in my goodie box (where I keep all the eventually DIY equipment) I came through these couple of golden cans. Not hard to figure out (since you’ve already seen the pictures, lol), I made two little can candles. And because I really wanted to make them look wintery and all, I wrapped them with this beautiful gray wool.

[via Wattlebird]


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