HOW TO – (Easily) etch images in copper

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HOW TO – (Easily) etch images in copper

Prank writes – “Make a copper etching of any image. This takes about 1 hour, including image prep, transfer, and etching, and it works really well. “Link.

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  1. jgruszynski says:

    When I was just starting out in electronics (age 11), I had a friend who was an electronics prof at College of Marin. In his office he had a circuit board with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge etched into it. It was a view from the headlands so it was very foreshortened and fit onto a tall narrow board like in this article. He then drilled and mounted tiny LEDs where the tower navigatation lights are at the top and wired up a slow oscillator and driver (this was pre- or early 555 days in the 70s) powered by a 9V battery. The LEDs slowly went on and off like the rotating navigatation lights. It was very cool!

    An idea for taking this project to the next level, folks! :-)

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