HOW TO – Make an RCA Switch Box

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HOW TO – Make an RCA Switch Box

300Px-Rca Switchbox 011Cape and Ray write – “Most people only utilize the Video input on the front of their TV’s for video game systems. Even if you use the inputs on the back you are still limited to probably three inputs total. This switch box allows you to plug in four RCA devices at once using only one input on your TV. A turn knob allows you to toggle between the four devices easily without unplugging devices.” Link.

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  1. williamhorvath says:

    Just found this site for project ideas using the mini-itx from Via:
    From what I’ve read so far, I gather the mini-itx is a very-small-form-factor x86 platform for embedded projects that could be useful for a variety of things. On a related note, also check out if you’re interested in embedded Java.