How to Make Breakaway Bottles and Window Panes

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How to Make Breakaway Bottles and Window Panes


Our pal Simone Giertz has started a Patreon campaign to fund her work (after her propensity for speaking her mind and cursing like a salty dog sailor got her into trouble with sponsors). By supporting her (at $5/month), you get access to behind the scenes content, Work in Progress (WIP) videos, and other exclusive content. And she gets to continue to do her channel the way she wants.

On her most recent WIP video, she shows how far she’s gotten on her next “sh*tty robot,” a well-meaning beer serving bot that gets it all wrong. As part of the build, she ordered breakaway beer glasses. She is now dead in the water on the project because she’s waiting for the glasses to arrive. Someone in the Patreon comments suggested that she make her own sugar glass “stunt glasses” and provided a link to the Indy Mogul video. I have always been fascinated by breakaway glass and now, after watching this video, I am tempted to try making some bottles of my own.

In this 2009 episode of the Indy Mogul show, Erik shows you how to make a silicone mold of a beer bottle, how to make sugar glass, and how to cast it in the mold to make your own breakaway stunt bottles. C’mon, you know you’re thinking about how much fun it would be to smash one of these over someone’s head.

In this video, the guys over at the The Slanted Lens show you how to use the same sugar glass mixture to create window panes that you can safely smash through for a dramatic movie effect.


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