How-To: Perfect Summer Skirt (with Pockets!)

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How-To: Perfect Summer Skirt (with Pockets!)

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You may be up to your waist (hehe) in simple skirt tutorials, but Haley at The Zen of Making promises this one to be tried and true. After scouring the internet, and coming up short on something to her standards, she decided to tweak and revise her own pattern until it was just right.

I have three requirements for a perfect summer skirt: it must be comfortable, it must be flattering, and it absolutely must have pockets. (Underline that last one three times and circle it in red.)


Skirts are my go-to clothing item both in the summer and fall. This often leaves me needing to carry a purse just to tote around my phone or wallet. Leave your baggage behind and just slip those essential items into your pockets! And the best part about a DIY outfit — you can customize those pockets to fit your needs. I know what I’ll be stitching up this weekend!


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