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How-To: Rice Krispies burgers

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How-To: Rice Krispies burgers



Andrew Lewis is a man of many talents. He’s written several projects for MAKE including a DIY 3D Scanner and several spy gadgets. Now he shares his culinary side with this Rice Krispies burger recipe over on CRAFT. It’s full of herbs and spices, perfect for a flavorful meal from the grill this summer. I might try making them with turkey instead of beef! If you make them, let us know in a comment.

14 thoughts on “How-To: Rice Krispies burgers

  1. says:

    This seems really off topic. I tend to catch up on blogs like this one while eating my breakfast in the mornings, and so I’ve curated my collection of feeds which aren’t likely to show anything disgusting. I’m a vegan because these things gross me right out. It’s all well and good to provide items some people wont like, for the few that do – as the internet is usually a ‘pull’ medium. I can simply never search for a beef burger recipe, and that’s great. I don’t feel the same is true of a specialised blog like this one where you are in effect pushing news items in to my email software through your feeds.

    Make Magazine is clearly a topical blog, not a personal one. Please stay on topic, or exclude general ‘I thought this was cool!’ types of posts from the feeds in the future. I don’t put animal welfare rants in your inbox, so I’d appreciate it if you keep your beef out of mine. :)

    1. Fefo says:

      This is not the first time there’s been a food related post. I’m a carnivore and don’t come here complaining every time I see some vegan hack.

      I say keep up the variety in the posts! As they say “Variety Is The Spice Of Life” and in this case what better than a yummy burger full of spices and herbs to spice things up a bit!

    2. says:

      If anything, this isn’t meaty enough! Rice crispies and spices are just filler! If it isn’t Beef, Salt and Pepper, it isn’t a burger: I’d call that meatloaf.

      I’d love to see more carnivorous activities here on MAKE: I was a chef for a while, how would the community like some tutorials on home butchery, sausage making? I know a lot of people who could benefit from a well-written article on how to humanely and safely butcher pigs, chickens and goats.

      By the same token, I’d love a tutorial on how to make the perfect VEGGIE burger, and I could show off some really great vegetarian recipes as well, as today is my first farm-share pickup!

    3. Becky Stern says:

      Fefo and vt-pete are on to something: At MAKE we love to make all kinds of things, and since we post so many DIY grilling projects, this burger recipe (by a MAKE author) from our sister site, CRAFT, is a natural choice for the blog. If you’re interested in checking out more recipes, CRAFT has a bunch, both vegetarian and not:

    4. Captain Zilog says:

      We eat vegans ’round these here parts…

      MEAT – It’s what’s for dinner!

      1. Becky Stern says:

        That’s not the attitude we take at MAKE. Many of us on staff are veggie of some flavor or another, and we celebrate healthy food of all kinds. I like vt-pete’s veggie burger suggestion; I make a pretty tasty one that I’ll hopefully tutorialize soon!

        1. says:

          @becky Please do! As I said, I was a pro.. and in the ‘natural and specialty foods” arena as well. A really good veggie burger that ‘acts’ like meat without containing processed foods is truly a goal to strive towards. If there is interest in home charcuterie, I’d love to share my experiments with the MAKE/CRAFT community. Just yesterday, I processed a duck, and my “weekend Projects” Include smoked and cured duck breast, and confit with all the lovely rendered fat. (alongside working on a drip irrigation system, and perhaps working on my DIY htpc project, of course.)

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