HOW TO – Secure your privacy with the iPeep

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HOW TO – Secure your privacy with the iPeep

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Make reader Brian Moore writes – “If you have a Macbook, a Macbook Pro, an intel iMac, or any Mac with an iSight, you should watch this movie trailer. It features an incredible actor who has yet to be seen in a movie this big. The special effects are amazing, the budget is high, and best of all, the acting is incredible. (With a little help from this article)”

Ever since I unboxed my iMac I’ve been a little freaked out about that little eye permanently aimed at me. What if a real iSight exploit were to be discovered? What if some weirdo sees that I have uncombed hair and a wrinkly old shirt? These are Orwellian times, folks! This is why I’ve made myself an iPeep, the quick hack that physically secures your computer from unwanted video snooping and allows you to turn the tables on peering eyes.

How to make an iPeep in 5 easy steps

Step 1 – cut a 5 inch by 2 inch strip of white paper. fold over roughly an inch.
Ipeep02 20061113

Step 2 – hold the folded flap to the top of your monitor (over the built-in iSight lens) and mark off the location of the camera. On the inside of the fold, color this region black with a pen. It should look like this:
Ipeep03 20061113

Step 3 – using a sharp pencil or pen, poke a small hole through the center of the region you just colored in.
Ipeep04 20061113

Step 4 – add the appropriate amount of fancy artwork and branding.
Ipeep05 20061113

Step 5 – install by folding the other side over the back of your monitor.
Ipeep06 20061113

Using your new iPeep

Using your iPeep is very simple. By sliding the iPeep to the left or right, you can select one of 3 modes:

  • Security Mode: slide the iPeep slightly off-center so that it blocks your camera.
  • Full Access Mode: slide the iPeep several inches to the side. Best used with combed hair and proper attire.
  • Spook Mode: center the iPeep over the camera. Lean in and peek into the hole to freak out a would-be spy.
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