How-To: Cat Window Perch

Craft & Design

We’ve only had our cat in our new house, and the windows here stretch from floor to ceiling giving her what we like to call her own personal big screen tv view of the backyard. I hadn’t thought about, though, what it would have been like to have her in our old house that had standard middle-of-the-wall windows. She wouldn’t have had an easy time tracking squirrels and birds, even if there was a bit of a window sill on which she could balance. A window perch like this one from Roeshel of The DIY Show Off Blog would be perfect in that situation. She shows you how to turn an old tray into a cozy spot from which you cat can keep an eye on everything going on outside. She’s even included dangling cat nip toys that act as a play area for the cat when she’s not perching.

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