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By Erica Domesek
As we welcome the summer season, we say “Yes!” to all things light, airy, and fun! Sporting lightweight ruffles day or night is a great way to dive head first into the season. Inspired by the likes of ultra-feminine and flirty designs by Kate Spade, Cynthia Rowely, and Oscar de la Renta, this one-shoulder ruffle tee is the perfect blend of casual comfort and carefree cuteness! Chances are, you probably have the ingredients laying around at home for this designer-inspired DIY that’s a “must do.”

Ruffleshirt Tee Materials


White cotton T-shirt
Fabric scissors
Straight pins
Sewing needle
in a color to match the T-shirt


Ruffleshirt Step1
Step 1: Lay your T-shirt on a flat surface and cut off approximately 3″-4″ (depends on how long your shirt is, and how large you want your ruffle to be).
Ruffleshirt Step2
Step 2: Cut a curved asymmetrical line from one shoulder down to the opposite armpit. (Use an erasable marking tool if you need to draw a line to help with the cut.)
Ruffleshirt Step3
Step 3: Cut the bottom piece to create one long strip.
Ruffleshirt Step4
Step 4: Scrunch and pin the fabric strip along the asymmetrical neckline.
Ruffleshirt Step5
Step 5: Sew the ruffle strip using a sewing needle and thread, using small stitches all along the neckline.
Ruffleshirt Step6
Step 6: For a more dramatic ruffle, use a fabric piece from another T-shirt. If you buy a 3-pack, you can make several!
P.S. If your T-shirt is too loose under the arm, sew a few extra stitches to create a fitted bustline.
About the Author:
Author Erica Domesek
Erica Domesek is a distinguished DIY and style expert, founder of innovative designer DIY brand “PS-I Made This….“. Erica’s creative motto, “I see it, I like it, I make it,” reflects the belief that one can find inspiration anywhere and transform what one sees into something fabulous to wear, use, or look at.

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