How-To: Repair a Wool Sweater with Felting

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How-To: Repair a Wool Sweater with Felting
By Brookelynn Morris
My favorite sweater is starting to fall apart. The cuff on one sleeve unraveled at the seam, splitting the cuff. It’s simple to repair a wool sweater with a felting needle.

Mend Sweater Felt7
2 felting needles (I like star-shaped 28 gauge.)
Wool sweater needing repair
Mend Sweater Felt2
Step 1: Cut a chunk of foam to fit inside the sleeve.
Mend Sweater Felt3
Step 2: Press the 2 sides of the seam flush against each other, or, if the knitting is fairly unraveled, overlap the 2 sides. Use a felting needle to securely pin the edges of the seam together and into the foam.
Mend Sweater Felt4
Step 3: Use the other felting needle to push one side of the seam into the other. Just press the very tip of the needle into the wool, and try not to push the needle into the foam. Catch the fibers from one side of the tear and then push them into the fibers on the other side of the tear. Blend the fibers of both sides thoroughly together.
Mend Sweater Felt5
Step 4: Felt the sides loosely together, and then go back and spend 5 or so minutes felting up and down the new seam to completely secure it.
Mend Sweater Felt6
Now you’re sweater is done! Easy peasy!
About the Author:
Brookelynn Morris is a craft author and skateboarding flower lover living in Northern California. She is eagerly anticipating May 19th, which will mark the release of her first book, Feltique (Potter Craft), a complete guide to felt-making in all its forms.

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