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By Syuzi Pakhchyan
Keep the chill away by making gear that will keep your ears warm and protected from the harsh winter wind. The Rock Star Headphones require you to hack into an existing set of headphones and incorporate it into a new design. The Rock Star will also have two square LEDs sewn onto the exterior of the ear warmers. The LEDs have both an aesthetic function and a practical, safety function: making the wearer visible for jogging or biking at night. The circuit incorporates a soft switch made from conductive hook and loop, so the LEDs turn on only when the headphones are worn.


1/2yd fleece or sherpa suede fabric for top fabric
1/2 yd neoprene for lining
2″ conductive hook and loop
Conductive thread
Metal snaps (2)
Embroidery thread
LEDs (2)
Piranha high-flux LEDs are recommended.
Headphones Inexpensive ones work just fine.
Cellphone battery with leads offers low prices.
Sewing needle
Needlenose pliers
Pencil or marking pen
Sewing machine
Soldering iron and solder

Go to MAKE: Projects for the full directions and PDF.

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