How-To Tuesdays: Mother’s Day Corsage

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How-To Tuesdays: Mother’s Day Corsage

Like many of us, you may be scrambling to come up with a unique gift for Mother’s Day (it’s this Sunday, folks!). You’ll be relieved to know you can whip up a quick and easy gift for mom using materials you probably already have on hand. Pull out your fabric scraps and a few simple supplies, and you’ll be able to make this colorful, prize-ribbon-inspired corsage for your favorite gal.


Scrap fabrics
Various buttons, trims, and charms
Quick-dry glue I like Aleene’s Fast-Grab Tacky Glue
Needle and thread
Pin back available at craft stores
Yo-yo maker (optional) I really love these from Clover.
Scrap papers and rubber stamps (optional) for backing the card
Step 1: Start by making a yo-yo using scrap fabric — I used a piece of silky-soft Liberty fabric I had left over from another project. You can sew the yo-yo by hand (Heather Bailey has a nice how-to here) but I really love these Yo-Yo Makers from Clover. You just cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the template and stitch through the pre-marked holes. The end result is a perfectly gathered yo-yo every time!
Step 2: Pick out a few coordinating ribbons and cut 6" lengths of each. I mixed a 1"-wide sage green twill tape (cut into a V shape at the ends) with a thin gingham ribbon for contrast. Fold in half and stitch into place on the back of the yo-yo.
Step 3: Sew the pin back onto the center backside of the yo-yo. If you’d like a cleaner look on the back of your corsage, you can glue a small patch of felt over your stitches.
Step 4: If you’d like, pick out a small charm and stitch it somewhere on the corsage. I unearthed a cute golden heart charm from my jewelry box and stitched it to the twill tape. You could also add beads or even tiny embroidered accents (an initial, perhaps?).
Step 5: Choose a few special buttons and glue them together in a stack. I used 2 vintage buttons and topped them off with a sparkly flat-backed cabochon from French General. Once the buttons are secure, glue the button stack to the center of the yo-yo and allow it to dry.
Step 6: If you’d like, you can place the corsage in a jewelry box for gift-giving. Or do what I did and create a paper display card. I just cut a piece of chipboard, stitched a scrap of vintage wallpaper to the front using my sewing machine, and stamped it with the date and a message. Poke 2 holes for the pin to go through and you’re all set!

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