How-To: Vintage Pulley Chandelier

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Don’t we all have a story of some amazing object we’re saving for just the right project? Here’s one from Sybille at {}:

My mother tongue being German, the word ‘Pulley’ did not exist in my English vocabulary until recently. Actually until we wanted to build a zipline in our backyard. Our neighbor gave me this huge old pulley to use, but at the end we settled for a smaller one. Since then I had it stored in the basement. I knew, I wanted to do something with it one day, it just didn’t know exactly what!

Recently, Sybille moved, and that created an opportunity use that pulley to build this pretty candle-lit chandelier. She shares her process on her blog, alongside a few pretty variations (like adding dangling crystals).

2 thoughts on “How-To: Vintage Pulley Chandelier

  1. Patricia says:

    Cute! My sister did this in her place with old wagon wheels.

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