How-To: Winter Mushroom Wonderland

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Celebrate deep winter and the bitter cold with a unique seasonal floral arrangement. This miniature landscape brings the beauty of the forest into your warm and cozy home. It’s simple to create a tiny version of the woods, and adding mushrooms from the grocery store makes it all the more unusual and authentic. Mushrooms last even longer than flowers, making them a great choice for wintertime decorations. Add final touches of stones, branches, and pine cones for a tabletop winter wonderland.



Containers I heart pedestals.
Mushrooms from the grocery store
Lichen, pine cones, sticks, rocks

Crucial Notes on Mushrooms: DO NOT PICK WILD MUSHROOMS for this project. At the worst, they could be poisonous, but they also will not last as long in the arrangement as mushrooms purchased from the grocer. Try to find the most interesting mushrooms that you can, but keep in mind the cost. I wanted to get some wild oyster mushrooms, but at $25 per pound, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead I found some tall trumpet royale mushrooms, that were much less expensive. But even standard button mushrooms would be adorable in this project.


Step 1: Fill the container with dirt.
Step 2: Place a chunk of moss on the dirt.
Step 3: Insert toothpicks into the base of the mushrooms. I used clusters of mushrooms, so it took 2 toothpicks to anchor them securely.
Step 4: Press the toothpicks into the dirt, so that the mushrooms stand in place. Don’t they already look like they just sprouted up right there?
Step 5: Add lichen around the little scene.
Step 6: Fill in the spaces that are left with stones, pine cones, broken branches, or any thing that might make the winter scene more lovely. I added a tiny deer.

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