How-To: Turn a regular bra into a nursing bra

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For those of you expecting babies (or who know someone who is), check out this great how-to on converting your regular bra into a nursing bra. I know a lot of women change bra size when they’re breastfeeding, but if you happen to have the perfect, comfortable bra already, then this could be a lifesaver! (Thanks, Jason!)

8 thoughts on “How-To: Turn a regular bra into a nursing bra

  1. bitsandbobbins says:

    just a psa: wearing most underwire bras while breastfeeding is generally not advised, because the wires can be binding, and can put pressure on milk ducts, causing plugged ducts and breast infections (mastitis) in some women.
    this diy would be better on a soft cup bra (w/o wires).

  2. Bonnie Rubio says:

    The underwire seems to not matter after like a year or so in, this speaking from my own experience. As long as it fits well it’s really quite comfortable, especially after so long of being without it!
    Too bad this is not useful to me as none of my non-nursing bras fit anymore. I hope for a tutorial about resizing bras!

  3. Christina | says:

    Thanks for the link to our tutorial!
    We have a notice up on the post about underwires and that getting a bra that fits perfectly, doesn’t bind or ride up, is very important. I’d say that, after the first 12 months or so, if you don’t have problems with plugged ducts and mastitis, using a well-fitting underwire bra is fine. Personally, I’ve been wearing them since DS turned a year old. I was never able to find a soft cup bra that fit well. I found them uncomfortable and binding, while my underwire bras fit perfectly. I never had mastitis, and the couple times I had clogged ducts were due to bites from DS.

  4. bitsandbobbins says:

    thanks for clarifying that! unforch, i worry about new moms seeing this…and since so many are uneducated about bf-ing and give it up far sooner than at a year…that they might find themselves in pain in those early days and give it up. wouldn’t want their bras to contribute to any problems they might have!

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