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Ikea hacking

“Ikea hacking” seems to be an emergent meme these days. Etsy’s The Storque did a piece on it recently, linking to last week’s New York Times article. And it came up at last night’s Dorkbot DC AfterDork, in this case, the idea of using Ikea fixtures and enclosures as handy and handsome electronics project boxes. Above is a laptop stand, made from two Ikea “slinga” brackets. It’s one of the “hacks” that can be found on the Ikea Hacker blog.

Ikea Hacker – Link


  • DIY angle bracket laptop stand – Link
  • Simple Laptop Stand – Link
  • Letter holder laptop stand – Link
  • HOW TO – Make an Ikea hamper light tent – Link
  • DIY IKEA Coffin – Link

6 thoughts on “Ikea hacking

  1. Pylon says:

    Speaking about IKEA stuff… It’s not really a hack as I did not modified it, but the “breakfast-in-bed-tablet” named BAGN is a good thing for using your laptop in the bed without burning your legs. And the cool thing is, you can even use an optical mouse on that tablet :-)

  2. zamfire says:

    Sort of unrelated — but what’s that desktop background you’ve got there? I love it!

  3. frogsoceity says:

    “Ikea hacking” epitomizes the hipster takeover of tech-geek subculture. (Not that tech-geek subculture was all that great to begin with.)

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