Illuminatrix, a community LED array at Burning Man

Craft & Design
Illuminatrix, a community LED array at Burning Man

Want to be part of Burning Man, but can’t make it to the Playa this year? Well, if you like making pixel art, you might want to check out Illuminatrix! by Ben Delarre and Scott Saunders. They’re constructing an RGB display to be shown at the festival, and are looking for people to contribute some art:

Illuminatrix is a project we’ve put together over the last few months for this years Burning Man festival. Its a 2D array of 16×16 ping pong balls, each of which contains an RGB LED that can be coloured any colour of the rainbow at any time. It will be displayed in the entrance to the More Carrot theme camp and to give it a bit of a twist we’ve decided to make it possible for everyone to contribute to the animations we’ll display on it.

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