Implied chaos & sound circuits of Ciat-Lonbarde

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Implied chaos & sound circuits of Ciat-Lonbarde

Prism Zuch

Peter Blasser is President and Designer of the electronic instrument producing entity known as Ciat-Lonbarde. The device plans on their site display a refreshing ability for incorporating chance and forcing experimentation – evidenced by instructions from the Paper Circuits collection (which almost simultaneously do and don’t make sense).

[…] resistors with an X can be any value form 10k to 100k, randomer is better. chip “4015” is CD4015 CMOS register. Hairy capacitors come in pairs, they should be most similar within these pairs for the most variety.
There are three buttons: 1,2, and 4. When you have buttons 1 and 2 down, you are playing note 3, which you can tune with trimmer pots 3 and 3. In other words, the three buttons are binary counters for pitch. Figure it out.

Build your own approximation on, appropriately enough, paper (through-hole of course) –


There’s more, so go here – Ciat-Lonbarde 晶森品

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