Interactive Laser Harp Sculpture

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Moritz Waldemeyer wrote in to share his interactive laser harp sculpture.

You will be happy to hear that this is my very first installation actually using an Arduino to link the lasers via light sensors to a netbook which is running an Open Frameworks app. We created some weird and wonderful sounds from various sirens and alarm sounds which are triggered by each laser and then run in a loop, like on a sequencer. Every time a sound repeats the volume decreases a little. It’s a great toy that creates a strange spacey futuristic soundscape around the installation. The column is made from black Corian and looks like its made from a single block, thanks to the seamless glue joints of this material. It’s an amazing material for sculptural work: most wood working techniques can be applied but the finish is beyond anything achievable in wood.

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  1. Yuri Numerov says:

    I saw something very similar done with a laser projector and a webcam

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