iPhone as sketch pad

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iPhone as sketch pad

Media player, mobile phone, Internet device, gaming console… sketch pad? It would seem that not only is the iPhone up-ending the mobile and gaming industries, but it seems to be making inroads into fine art as well. What had seemed like a novel concept for contemporary magazine cover art has turned into a global phenomenon. iPhone users across the world are producing fantastic works of art with little more than their index finger, a paint app, and a 3.5″ screen.


By far, the top dog of the iPhone paint apps is Brushes. Its simple interface is both welcoming and direct. You get a canvas, brush picker, color picker and that multi-touch interface the iPhone is famous for.


What are you lookin at? by Susan Murtaugh


Circus (left) and Stinker by Mike Miller

Amazing iPhone Art [via digg]

12 thoughts on “iPhone as sketch pad

  1. hurf durf says:

    Another Apple story for us fanbois! Keep up the good work!

    Suggestion for the next Apple story: Unboxing the Apple iPhone 3g s! Then a teardown! Then a story about the new Jackie the Jokeman app! I’m totally chubbed right now.

    1. iPhone as sketch pad Becky Stern says:

      We cover a broad range of tech topics, and this tool is genuinely cool. We’re not going to ignore something apple-related just because it’s apple-related.

  2. sorry says:

    In my opinion, art is about expressing yourself. Therefore the important part is the piece of art rather than the brush you create it with. If these scribblings were created on a regular PC or a canvas, nobody would give a shit. But the sole fact that it was “created” on an iphone makes it newsworthy? C’mon, this can’t be it!

    1. Gutierrez says:

      Art itself is about self expression, but the generation of art is about media. And the rise of new media with which to create and distribute artistic works is newsworthy. The Disney animator in the video, Cardos, summarizes it well: It’s just a tool. But it’s cheap (minus the cost of the iPhone), simple, and acessible. I’d think we’d celibrate anything that enables people to create here.

  3. Adam Flaherty says:

    hurf durf is an Apple fanboi? Awesome! But seriously, atrollsayswhat?

  4. Phillip Torrone says:

    @hurf durf – i’m not “on duty” at MAKE at the moment (building projects) – but if i were i’d likely ask you take some time off from commenting for awhile, over the span of a few dozen posts all of your comments haven’t been polite or contributed to constructive things on the site.

    there are plenty of sites that encourage bad commenting behavior, we just try and not have MAKE be one of those.

    this is a great post, being artistic isn’t a mac/pc/linux thing, it’s a maker thing and we have tens of thousands of projects that have nothing to do with a apple, microsoft is also very supportive of the MAKE community including a recent sponsorship.

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