IR LED glasses (anti-paparazzi)

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IR LED glasses (anti-paparazzi)

We’ve covered how to make IR LED projects and how to use IR LEDs to “jam” a security camera (privacy from cameras is a hot topic, debate in the comments!)… Here’s a video on how to make a pair of glasses that pumps out a little IR around your face so the cameras can’t see you, the video says it’s anti-paparazzi but their cameras likely won’t be stopped by something like this…

Ledheadband 2008024
LED security camera disruptor.

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Spotted at DEFCON – Super 44 IR LED TV-B-Gone.
Make – IR TV remote Bazooka.

12 thoughts on “IR LED glasses (anti-paparazzi)

  1. Don says:

    I’d thought of this idea to create a blinder for speed enforcement cameras as a frame around license/number plates.

    Should stop thinking and do!

  2. Tom says:

    Didn’t boingboing have a post on this? The video had been removed almost immediately. Is it the same one? Has anyone actually seen this video?

  3. Thomas Veil says:

    This system works as long there’s no IR filter on the camera.
    If there is one, you only wasting your time.

  4. The Oracle says:

    Haven’t see seen a lot about converting a digital camera to an IR camera by *removing the internal IR filter*? So somebody would have to actively modify their camera to have it beaten by this attack.

    Maybe cheapie cameras don’t have a proper IR filter?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Many security cameras don’t have the IR filter since they use the IR (with their own LED) to work better in low light.

  6. alandove says:

    There’s another copy of the video here:

    I think this would work with a lot of video, surveillance, and web cameras. Try aiming a TV remote at your camera and pushing a few buttons – on both my webcam and camcorder, this produces a bright, visible flash, suggesting that powerful IR LEDs would jam both of these cameras quite nicely.

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