John Cabrer Beats NASA To The 3D Sun

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John Cabrer Beats NASA To The 3D Sun


John Cabrer wrote me to tell me about his 3D sun photo. Get your 3D glasses on and check it out!

Science Daily has an article today on how NASA has scheduled a lauch of two space craft which are to take the “FIRST EVER” 3D pictures of the sun. I beat them to it using archive images from SOHO and Anaglyph software. With a wider time separation, you can get a really pronounced 3d effect.


Here are the two pics he used taken a few hours apart. Here are the bigger images that John sent in, check out the software and do it yourself!

6 thoughts on “John Cabrer Beats NASA To The 3D Sun

  1. Shadyman says:

    You mean, get the 3D Sunglasses ;)

  2. somethinghard says:

    It works great as a stereogram!

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