Kid-friendly circuit bending plushie

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MAKE subscriber Luke BrownGold makes the bending experience a bit more accessible to the younger set –

Currently I am attending Parsons school of Design. This is a prototype for a toy called the BachBot 9000. It is made children who may be too young to get into circuit bending. Made with an arduino the Bach Bot front can pull off to reveal it’s plush “circuitry”. By pressing to points on its front the user can create circuit bending effects to the tune of Ode to Joy by Bach.

Get ’em started young – before you know it, they’ll be hacking the baby monitor into an amp.

2 thoughts on “Kid-friendly circuit bending plushie

  1. Linus says:

    Schiller’s Ode to Joy was set to music by Beethoven in 1824, as part of the last movement of his ninth symphony. While Beethoven was deaf at the time, Bach had in fact been dead for 74 years, so his alibi is stronger.

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