Kinetica Art Fair Offers a Bevy of ArtBots

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Kinetica Art Fair Offers a Bevy of ArtBots

As a happily unrepentant artbot fanatic, I was overjoyed to see We Make Money Not Art’s two posts on the Kinetica Art Fair in London:

The Kinetica Art Fair brings together independent galleries, art organisations and curatorial groups who focus on kinetic, electronic, robotic, sound, light, time-based and multi-disciplinary new media art, science and technology. The art fair features installations, robots and small sculptures but also live performances, artists presentations, demos and a cheerful atmosphere that makes it easy to talk to the ‘exhibitors.’

The event takes place in London every year since 2009 but this was the first time i managed to be in town during the fair. Kinetica is as bazaar, as garage and as male-frequented as you might expect. There were a couple of interactive horrors “customizable to better suit the lobby of your luxury hotel”, and a few aesthetically questionable contraptions. It takes all sorts, as they say. However, i did see a number of projects which made it worth the visit.

Regine takes the time to explore all of the great works of art at this show — be sure to read both blog posts.

The Kinetica Art Fair (part 1)
The Kinetica Art Fair (part 2)


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