Knitting at ILM & Lucasfilm

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Knitting at ILM & Lucasfilm


I got to take a tour around ILM today at lunch thanks to a friend and caught some great knitting action by two crafty ladies of ILM and Lucasfilm. Susan Rauch of Lucasfilm Accounting (left) and Lauren Morimoto of ILM Rotoscope (right ). Turns out a lot of crafty ladies work there and do their special effects magic on the movies we love. From Lauren, “Susan was working on a dishcloth, and I was working on a bag. Your timing couldn’t be any better — we usually knit in a conference room upstairs, but decided we needed a change of scenery today and headed down to the lobby instead. :)” Thanks ladies, I had fun talking with you both! Here’s more photos I took around ILM, although I could only take shots in the lobby and outside. Everything else is hush hush. I loved the Yoda fountain. Link.

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  1. newuser007 says:

    What’s with all the knitting posts? Trying to attract female readers? Aren’t there already magazines for that stuff?

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