Knitting Patterns for Fruit Cozies

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Vegan Lunch Box has knitting patterns for fruit cozies, from apples, pears, bananas, to oranges! Just think how cute they look all dressed up in the fruit bowl. [ via Lime & Violet ]

16 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns for Fruit Cozies

  1. AnnasMom says:

    What a colossal waste of time/energy/resources. I mean, really, what the heck?!?! Clothes for fruit? What’s next? Toilet lid covers? (Oh wait, we already have those…)
    I like some of the stuff I’ve seen on here, and some of it is even useful, but clothes for fruit?! I am outraged!

  2. Natalie Zee Drieu says:

    It’s more for portability for fruit to keep things like apples from bruising. Not necessarily for the fruit bowl per say but the photo looks cute.

  3. Patti Schiendelman says:

    These are SO FUNNY. I love the little loop-and-button detail. :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a little ridiculous. Why do you need to “dress up” fruit to sit in a bowl? I would doubt these even work when carrying fruit to work or school in a bag. Have you ever bruised your body through clothing? I have.

  5. glittertrash says:

    I have, and regularly use, a draw-string ‘avocado cosy’ I crocheted. It’s handy because I live in a sharehouse with semi-communal food, but since I buy most of the fruit & veg, it makes me crazy when I buy a whole bunch and then there are none left when I want one for breakfast. So! I buy a whole bunch of avocados for general consumption, then slip one of them into the avocado cosy, so everyone knows that’s mine and not to touch it.
    So to the people wondering what the practical use of these are, one of them is to reserve some of the fruit in the fruit bowl as your own.
    My avocado cosy is pink. It was originally one of a pair of pink draw-string wrist-bags I made to wear to a “Dog’s Ball” (visually, ahem, very effective). Given the etymology of avocado (āhuacatl, or ‘testicle fruit’), it amuses me to keep my avocado in a bag that was originally created as a testicle.

  6. xoxo says:

    i have been laughing my butt off *all day* at the first comment! way to miss the point!

  7. Wow says:

    That’s pretty pointless and kind of dumb. Gaudy, too.
    Knitting things can be fun but sometimes it just seems really rat-packy.

  8. Knitting Patterns for Fruit Cozies Rebecca Stern says:

    @Wow – we have a “be nice” comment policy. If you can’t be constructive, don’t comment at all. And anyway, these cozies help prevent the fruit from bruising when you pack it in a lunch.

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