Kooky clockwork hand

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Kooky clockwork hand

Meredith from the Steampunk Workshop hipped us to this strange objet d’art from a deviantArtist named Astalo, a Finnish blacksmith and jeweler. Of his piece, Astalo writes (translated from the Manglish):

Weird steampunk-themed “hand mechanism” that I made from brass, silver, steel, leather and some parts of one old alarm clock. (like gears and spring, etc.)

Making it took almost two months and it’s probably the most complex metalwork that I have ever done. The mechanism really works and it moves the user’s fingers for a brief period of time (Unfortunately that steel spring is not very strong).

Clockwork hand [via Steampunk Workshop]

6 thoughts on “Kooky clockwork hand

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reminiscent of Brazil (the Terry Gilliam movie).

  2. tjarrett says:

    Not at all the same in functionality, but the look of this art piece reminds me of an illustration in Vincent Di Fate’s book of science fiction art, namely the “orchid” weapon from Delany’s Dhalgren. Very cool.

  3. Michael Fusion says:

    looks like an assistance device for people who have lost the use of their opposing muscles in their hand. something to do with tendons i think. i do know that i have seen it somewhere before.

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