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LED “Swimmies”

What happens when you cross an LED Throwie with a Koi fish? You get LED Swimmies, a.k.a. Lightfish. Basically they’re just a Throwie sealed inside of a colored plastic fish. Artist Karl Klar did an installation of 500 of these Swimmies (which don’t actually move) in the pond outside of the new Ars Electronica Center being built in Linz, Austria. Visitors to the site were given fishing poles with magnets on them to “catch” a souvenir to take home. These would be cool to put in a home pond or pool for a nighttime backyard party.

How to create a lightfish – Link


  • LED Throwies coverage on MAKE: Blog – Link

8 thoughts on “LED “Swimmies”

  1. LED “Swimmies” wurx says:

    “What happens when you cross an LED Throwie with a Koi fish?”

    Answer: An environmental disaster.

    Love the idea of throwies, but I hate the environmental impact. Think before you throw….such a waste.

  2. cavalaxis says:

    Do you remember those tub-side insta-jacuzzi things? It was basically a pump that you hang on the side of the tub? You could use one of those to add a current to a pool for a party!

  3. Sally599 says:

    They make these in rubber ducky shape too, 3 LED colors flash in a sequence.—3 ducks for $5, cheaper than you could make them at the local grocery store.

  4. samurai1200 says:

    damn hippies…

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