Letterblocks: Alphabet blocks with a twist

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Letterblocks: Alphabet blocks with a twist

Design collective The Design Office has created kids’ blocks that feature fragments of letters, allowing children to form their own characters using multiple blocks.

Children of a young age play with small wooden blocks to learn the alphabet. Letters lead to words that lead into sentences and so on. Our oversized kraft boxes reintroduce the alphabet not as 26 distinct letters, but as the result of combining geometric parts. The 4-inch cubes may be viewed and stacked from any direction, creating unexpected shapes and letterforms. The boxes are made from recycled cardboard, delivered flat.

[via Inhabitots]


4 thoughts on “Letterblocks: Alphabet blocks with a twist

  1. Matt Mets says:

    Ooh, those look awesome! Now I want to combine a set of them with a robot arm to make a ridiculous display.

  2. aprilladeville says:

    These are really cool but it drives me crazy when things are still prototypes/not actually available to purchase and there is no mention of that in the article.

    I downloaded the font in hopes of making my own (flat) cards but it doesn’t appear to include the shapes used, just fully formed letters.

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