Lilliputian chemistry glassware

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Lilliputian chemistry glassware
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New Jerseyan Kiva Ford is a professional scientific glassblower who is also known for his art glass work.

This set includes miniature reproductions of a graduated cylinder, boiling flask, erlenmeyer flask, and an old fashioned distillation flask. It would make a charming gift for the chemist or scientist in your life!

The listing also claims that “the tallest piece measures 3″,” which, unless an oversize penny is actually part of the set, seems like a slight exaggeration. Major awesomesauce, anyway. [via Neatorama]

2 thoughts on “Lilliputian chemistry glassware

  1. John Maushammer says:

    I found some three inch novelty pennies:

    … too big, though, for this!

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