Little girl giant plays in the park

Craft & Design

This not-so-little girl was created by the Royal de Luxe theatre company as part of a public show entitled The Sultan’s Elephant. She’s part a cast of amazing giant wooden puppets created by the French theatre group.

The Sultan’s Elephant

14 thoughts on “Little girl giant plays in the park

  1. Anonymous says:

    they are doing something in Liverpool weekend after next but there are no details of exactly what ..

  2. Collin Cunningham says:

    I’m guessing whatever they have planned is well worth witnessing – wish I could attend

  3. says:

    That’s about 10 kinds of cool, amazing puppetry!

  4. Davidos says:

    You can see this elephant and other mechanical animals,
    every days in Nantes, france

  5. Daniel Howard says:

    What’s the soundtrack to the above video? Sounds great!

  6. cassieface says:

    she looks so real! this is absolutely amazing!
    and you know, she kinda reminds me of the puppets from “the dark crystal”

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