Little Bunnies iPad App

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Delphine Doreau of Non Dairy Diary has a new iPad app called Little Bunnies ($3.99) that will sure to delight the little ones in your home. You really can’t go wrong with cute bunnies! My daughter Chloe loves this app and plays with it all the time. You may recognize Delphine’s drawings as I’ve posted to her site a number of times over the years for her patterns design tutorials or her paper toys.
Littlebunniesapp Screen2
The Little Bunnies iPad apps narrates a sweet tale about each of the bunnies with a simple sentence or two before each bunny is presented. There are 14 bunnies in all. The illustrations and design is just what you’d expect from Delphine if you read her blog (and please, you should!) – beautiful watercolor pictures and adorable, cuddly bunnies giggling or waving on the screen. The animations are elegant and sync well to the story, as well as to the overall calming music that plays in the background. This app is a breath of fresh air from those that get a kid’s attention with obnoxious midi music and fast paced animations. It teaches them to slow down a bit and learn to look at the pretty details. I love that because it’s also beautiful for me to enjoy as well.
Littlebunniesapp Menu
Delphine created a wonderful menu system that is there throughout the story. At any point you can click the top area and the menu comes down. The buttons are also perfectly sized for little fingers. I love that kids can also record their own voice and sounds on each page to add to the story. The menu screen of all the bunnies is great so kids can continue to click on their bunny favorites and enjoy interacting with them repeatedly. You can also pick up the French version, Petits Lapins which narrates the story in French.
Enjoy this iPad app with your little one, especially as we all cozy up for the holidays and cold weather indoors. It’s a wonderful delight that you will enjoy with your little ones day after day!

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