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Loss-proof remote control

My cell phone has a little eye molded into the case for attaching a lanyard strap. I want my A/V remotes to have the same thing so that if I should decide that I want to tie one of them to, say, the leg of my coffee table, I won’t be driven to the same lengths as this guy.

8 thoughts on “Loss-proof remote control

  1. Nate says:

    I did that once, long ago. The boss asked me to put a big tag on a key that always got “lost” in pockets. So I found an old hard drive (think old 80s-ish 5 1/4″ full-height drive) and attached it to the key via keyring.

    It was a tight fit for the ring, but I’d be shocked if anyone ever kept that key longer than was absolutely necessary :D

    Overkill? Yeah. Effective? Most certainly.

  2. Just passing through says:

    Reminds one of the gas station bathroom key. They attach like a 2X4 to the key yet leave the cash draw open. A mystery of the universe.

    On the serious side. Most upolstered furniture have wood frames. Why not an eye bolt into the front right or left arm front? Chain or cable attched as was done to the train rail piece.

  3. Charles says:

    My latest phone didn’t have an eye for the lanyard – I just took the case apart and drilled to 1/16 holes. You could do the same for your remotes.

  4. rsbohn says:

    My kids can’t seem to keep their hands off the battery covers. They click the release latch until it comes clean off!

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