Lovie Circuits at the Maker Faire

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Lovie Circuits at the Maker Faire

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Alison Lewis of SWITCH is on her way to the Maker Faire where she will be teaching the workshop,”Lovie Circuits” on both Sat and Sun. Alison will show you how to make two loving circuits for wearing or for plushie dolls. When the circuits are together they magically connect and both light up with a blinking red heart. When apart you can make it light up to remember the one you love, but they are happier together. This circuit can be put inside two hand made plushie dolls, in t-shirts or in an accessories like a bracelets.

Pictured above is the circuit board (inside) to make Lovie Circuits. They can be put into anything and are only 1″ X 2″ (a little smaller actually). The little “X”‘s are where the wires attached to a persons shirt, bracelet, plushy doll or what have you, when these two wires are connected to conductive object, thread, or anything it lights up. It has a 555 Timer chip and is perfect for someone’s first time putting a board together with their first IC! Link.

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  1. fudge14 says:

    Is there a schematic for this design?
    I can’t seem to find it on http://www.iheartswitch.com/

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