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Combine two unrelated things inside the brain of Dutch artist Olaf Mooij — the electronica song “God is a DJ” by Faithless, and the Popemobile — and the result is the DJ Mobile.

With 14 woofers, tweeters, and other loudspeakers boldly splaying in various directions out the back of a dark blue 1983 Ford Sierra, the DJ Mobile has a surreal, cartoonish look.

Not only does the car have a professional-quality Beyma sound system, but it’s also got a DJ setup, with a place to set up turntables and a mixer on the roof of the car. There’s a hole in the roof as well, where the DJ can stand and mix.

The idea came to Mooij, 53, when he heard the song and then thought of the infamous vehicle that the Pope makes public appearances in — a normal-looking car in front with a bulletproof glass, pope-sized display case in the back.

Mooij bought the used car from a local gas station. “I always liked the Ford Sierra,” he says. He worked up the quirky design using buckets, cardboard, and duct tape. Later, he swapped the prototype materials out for wood and polyester.

As you might imagine, the DJ Mobile commands a good deal of attention when it gets driven around. Though it’s street legal, Mooij notes that driving around can be dangerous because of how distracting it is to other drivers. The people most noticeably affected when in the presence of the DJ Mobile are “the guys with big car hi-fi sound systems,” says Mooij, who get “pale with jealousy.”

Next up: Mooij is currently building a temple out of three old Volkswagen Beetles.

DJ Mobile:

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