Make a Bracelet Out of Used Guitar Strings

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Make a Bracelet Out of Used Guitar Strings

Music to your wrists! Here’s the complete instructions on how to make a bracelet out of your old guitar strings. A quick 20 minute project where all you need is a few guitar strings and a soldering iron. Thanks Star! Link.

10 thoughts on “Make a Bracelet Out of Used Guitar Strings

  1. michaeljanderson says:

    There is no link provided in this entry. Anyone know where the original article is?

  2. matt_de_chiggers says:

    If you’re going to try this, make sure to use a lead-free solder. You can absorb that stuff through your skin over time if this is something you’re going to wear every day.

  3. todbotdotcom says:

    Make sure you use silver solder, not the standard lead solder one you probably have around for making electronic gizmos. If you use lead-based solder, the lead will leech into your skill and give you lead poisoning.

  4. mrbiglive says:

    Anyone who plays the guitar would know that USED guitar strings are not things you want to touch after taking off a guitar. They are just too yucky to wear around your wrist.

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