Make and Craft @ AS220’s Fools Ball

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Make and Craft @ AS220’s Fools Ball


Last weekend, AS220 held its annual Fools Ball, a fundraiser that also happens to be Rhode Island’s best party of the year. MAKE sponsored the event and provided copies of the magazine to attendees who signed up for an AS220 membership.

It was an incredible event. In addition to using the main AS220 building (Empire St, Providence) AS220 borrowed Trinity Rep’s Pell-Chafee performance center and split it in half: one side was a kind of science fair, the other a dance floor. There was all sorts of cool stuff in the science fair:

And that was just the view from the Make tables. Elsewhere, there were performances, an open house in the Broad Street Studio (AS220’s transitional arts program for at-risk youth), a bicycle-powered ice-cream maker, and a lot more. Check out all the photos tagged Fools Ball.


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