MAKE at CES 2013: Intel Ultrabook Tree

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MAKE at CES 2013: Intel Ultrabook Tree

MAKE_Conference_Badge-CESOne of the first things I saw when I entered CES yesterday was the incredible tree that sits at the corner of Intel’s booth in Central Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The leaves of the tree are made out of Ultrabooks which are networked together. At the foot of the tree, booth visitors use touch screens to create flower blossoms that are sent up to the screens that make up the leaves of the tree. I was delighted to have the chance to talk to James Tichenor and Joshua Walton from the Lab at Rockwell Group. Their team created the tree for Intel with their own open source platform called Spacebrew. Check out my interview with them below and follow them behind the scenes of the Intel booth where they demo their technology exclusively for MAKE:

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