MAKE Flickr pool weekly roundup

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MAKE Flickr pool weekly roundup


It’s been another week packed with maker ingenuity! We’ve seen some great-looking projects – Have a gander and check out anything you might have missed.
Keep submitting your projects for a chance to win an Eye-Fi card or Flickr Pro account in the MAKE Flickr photo pool contest.

  • Board-less radio transmitter –Link
  • DIY sandblast booth –Link
  • Miniature Silo Station (pictured above top-left)-Link
  • Teapotus Noisus (pictured above top-right) –Link
  • Oscilloscope restoration –Link
  • Retrofit an old camera lens –Link
  • Panoramic pinhole camera –Link
  • USB monkey (pictured above middle-right) –Link
  • The electronic snowman? –Link
  • Custom Harmonica Mic (pictured above bottom-right)-Link
  • Space Invader cookies (pictured above middle-left) –Link
  • DIY Photo Snoot –Link
  • Hexateuthis, a robotic hexapod (pictured above bottom-left)-Link
  • Matchbox Synthesizer –Link
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