Make Reusable Peppermint Wipes for Spring Cleaning

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Smart Scrubbing: Reusable Peppermint Cleaning Wipes

Smart Scrubbing: Reusable Peppermint Cleaning Wipes

Make your springtime scrubbing a breeze — and cut down on waste while you’re at it — with your own DIY reusable peppermint cleaning wipes!

Smart Scrubbing: Reusable Peppermint Cleaning Wipes

I’m a bit of a neat freak, so I love the convenience of disposable cleaning wipes, especially for mopping up spills, wiping down tables, or giving my kitchen or bathroom surfaces a quick once-over. The only problem is, every time I use one, I feel a bit guilty for tossing it immediately into the trash. And, since I love to clean, those individual wipes can really start to add up. Plus, the harsh chemical cleaning agents can be pretty tough on my hands. So, clearly, it’s time for me to try a different approach.

Looking for a family and earth-friendly way to cut down on your disposable wipe habit too? You’ll definitely want to check out this helpful tutorial for making your own reusable peppermint cleaning wipes from One Good Thing by Jillee!

The cleansing fluid is made using simple ingredients like liquid castile soap and essential oils — the cloths themselves are old t-shirt rags — so these reusable cleaning wipes are refreshingly free of strong chemicals, making them gentle on hands, the planet, and your pocketbook. Even better: Storing them wet in a mason jar makes them just as convenient as their disposable counterparts, and once used, they can be laundered and returned to the jar to be used again.

I’m pretty darn excited to give some DIY wipes a try! How about you?

Now that you’ve sorted out the cleaning wipe situation, are you ready to make your spring cleaning even greener? (Of course you are!) Crochet a reusable Swiffer pad with this reversible Swiffer sock pattern right here on Make: Craft.

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