Maker Faire Behind the Scenes: Katie Kunde

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Maker Faire Behind the Scenes: Katie Kunde

A lot of people do a ton of work behind the scenes to make Maker Faire happen. I’ll be doing a series of interviews with folks on the organizational side of things, to learn what they do to put on the show and to make it an awesome experience. First up, Katie Kunde, Senior Sales Manager for Maker Media.

Katie Kunde.

Q: What is your role in organizing the Maker Faire?

A: I’ve been involved since the very first Maker Faire in 2006. I work closely with all the sponsors of the event in designing their on-site presence and helping them to achieve their marketing objectives. The involvement of sponsors gives us the ability to offer more programs and activities, creating a better experience for attendees.

Q: Why do you think people should answer the call for makers?

A: Maker Faire isn’t just about showing off your project (although that’s neat, too!), it’s about connecting with the community and sharing your ideas. A lot of incredible things take place at Maker Faire, why not open the door and see where it leads you?

Q: What kinds of displays and activities have you seen be the most successful at the fair?

A: The best thing about Maker Faire is that it’s so diverse. You’ll see projects that have the wow factor, or simple projects that showcase exceptional craftsmanship, futuristic plans, hands-on activities, etc. The most successful projects are the ones backed by passionate people.

Q: How many attendees do you expect this year?

A: We’re expecting over 115,000 attendees.

Q: What was your favorite thing at last year’s fair?

A: I liked Katy Perry the Unicorn from World Maker Faire New York (by Kat and Jesse Green of Spygirl Pictures).

Katy Perry the Unicorn
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