Making Austin Weird: Banana-Rator

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Making Austin Weird: Banana-Rator

From now until the awesomeness that is Maker Faire Austin, I’ll be highlighting projects that you can find at Travis County Fairgrounds on 10/18-19. Tickets here; see you there!


John Lien describes his banana device as:

The banana-rator is a “refrigerator” for bananas. Instead of removing heat, it removes the ethylene gas given off by the bananas that causes them to spoil. It also provides a convenient way to store the bananas.

From the picture he’s provided, I’m not sure how he’s removing the ethylene. Looks like we’ll all just have to ask him at Maker Faire Austin:)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This could have a lot of useful implications for fruit and veggie storage as well as for the cut flower industry. In flower coolers ethylene scrubbers are normally used. If this removes all ethylene, it could significantly extend the life of cut flowers.

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