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Good morning Crafters! We are so excited to be the first stop for Martha Stewart’s Blog Tour today with a special article excerpt from Martha Stewart Living’s January issue on how to mend knits. Learn how to repair small holes in sweaters, fix a pulled thread, save a buttonhole, and lots more! Just download the article from the link below.

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Marthastewart Living Jan2011Cover
Martha Stewart Living – January 2011
Silke Stoddard, Deputy Editor of Crafts at Martha Stewart Living also shares with us her list of must-have tools for mending.

  • Snaps in various sizes – to replace fallen off snaps, or add to a part you’d like to stay close (like a too open top, or a wide collar)
  • Thimble – for hand sewing through thick seams or heavy fabric
  • Disappearing ink pen – to mark placement for buttons or seam allowance or a new hem line
  • Hand sewing needles in various sizes, lengths and thicknesses – most small mending, such as torn hems, or lost buttons are sewn by hand, so having various sizes is very helpful
  • Sewing thread – in various colors and weights, to match your clothing fabric in color and weight
  • Pins – again various sizes and lengths, having different colored pin heads is helpful, safety pins are good for a quick fix, or to help pulling a drawstring back in
  • Elastic – helpful to replace in kids clothes waistbands
  • Stitch witch – an iron on way to fix a rip in a non woven
  • Leftover fabric pieces – to use as patches to sew over holes
  • Seam ripper – to remove old stitching, ripped pockets, etc.
  • Tape measure / ruler – measure hems, lengths of ribbon, etc.
  • Martha Stewart detail scissors – perfect pointy small scissors to clip threads or remove old buttons
  • Iron – to iron out seams, crease hems, etc.

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