Meet Mathieu of Manspun

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World Wide Spin In Public Day is happening right now. The community of spinners is a “tight knit” group, and together they’ve set out to share their love of fiber. I was introduced to the event by Manspun, and today I am going to introduce Manspun to you.
Manspun Yarns are the creation of Mathieu. Imagine a lumberjack who chops trees into endless yards of yarn! Imagine a weightlifter who can bench press 1 million skeins! Imagine a man from Canada who sells his own hand spun and hand dyed yarns, is active on ravelery, and spent today spinning in public! That Canadian man is Mathieu.
I’m going to let you hear more about him, from him, in his own very manly all lowercase voice:

i’m a man. i spin yarn. i knit.
i also breath and eat and drink and play guitar and video games. many people are confused when they think of “man” and “yarn” in the same sentence, but they do in fact go together.
i’m relatively new to the world of yarn, spinning and knitting. i’ve known for a few years the basics of how to do things, but got really hardcore into things about a year and a half ago during a weekend spin-along in the Novelty and Art Yarns group on Ravelry (
i’d probably have to say that i mostly prefer assembling (the manly word for spinning) Merino Wool and Bamboo into my manly yarns, and although many sheep have to live colder lives and many pandas go hungry, they know it’s for the good of mankind. i use a Majacraft Little Gem for yarn assemblage, but because “Little Gem” sounds kind of wimpy, i refer to it instead as “Little Bastard”

If you feel like you can handle the testosterone- Find him on Ravelry. Find him on Flickr. Buy his yarn at his online store. Read his blog.

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