Meet the Feltique Contributors: Part Four

Craft & Design

I’m finishing my guest blogging today with the final introduction to some of the contributors to Feltique. Keep in mind that these are not all of the wonderful artists who added their projects to this book, which is a complete guide to felting in all its forms. I hope that you liked getting a glimpse into the book, and I hope that you are inspired to embrace the versatile and natural medium that is wool felt. Cheers!
Vicky Lewis’ fulled True Love Purse is a favorite project of mine in Feltique. The project combines a knitted and fulled handbag with needle felted kanji characters that translate into the words “true love.” Her personal felting work includes an Etsy store with amigurumi, many of which have a woodland twist! She is also a member of quite the crafty family, and shared this about herself: “I don’t know if you are aware but my family consist of two members of the Etsy administration: Anda (Amanda) Lewis Corrie and her husband Peter. Their daughter Sidonie is my only grandchild. I have another beautiful daughter, Laura, and I’ve been married to my husband Randall for 34 years. I live in a little town in the mountains of Virginia and I’m an avid gardener. Sometimes I think gardening and crafting go hand and hand.” Please visit her two Etsy shops, click the birds and bees, and appalachia.
Ansley Bleu Davies is a prolific and successful artist and crafter. Her work for Feltique includes three really diverse projects: a clever Stacked Bead Necklace made from commercial felt, a creatively useful Knitting Needle Case, and a set of Felt Thirsty Coasters, which were a collaboration project between her and Moxie. Her work in general is just as interesting. Her most famous piece is likely her knitted Princess Leia Wig. She will be showing a version of it this summer in a Star Wars-themed fiber arts show called Stitch Wars. Ansley’s current art includes very surreal, fun, and pretty doll dioramas. I love them almost more than her felt projects! Ansley’s Etsy shop is a great place to find very interesting and well made knitted wearable art and ephemera. Check it out!
Tanya High Brooks’ Felted Fortune Cookie is one of the more iconic projects in Feltique. The simplicity of the project makes it perfect for beginners, but the usefulness and beauty makes it something even the most experienced felters would love to create. Tanya also contributed the Floppy Flying Disc, a knitted disc that (almost) makes it OK for your kids to play frisbee in the house! Her knitted felt goes way beyond these toys and housewares. She has created several knitted character lines, including the Knitja Family of knitted ninjas. One thing I love about the contributors to the book is that their talents often go beyond felt making. Tanya mentioned learning about a whole new type of fiber arts, weaving: “Got bitten by the weaving bug while at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year and bought a 20” Schacht Flip Loom. After a few practice projects, I’ve just warped the loom for a “real” wrap. Keeping my fingers crossed.” Tanya also hopes to add body butter, fiber, and more to her Etsy shop this summer.

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