Modular synth haunted by supernatural ghost patch!

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Modular synth haunted by supernatural ghost patch!

Ghostpatch1 Cc
Ghostpatch2 Cc

… well, either that or Charlie Visnic’s Doepfer modular had some serious electrical issues … then again, it may just be another eye-catching entry in his self-assigned mission to “Do something creative at least once a day and document it”. Yah, I suppose that seems a tad more likely –

It was midnight when I drove home from work, thinking to myself “What am I going to do today for my creative thing?”  I don’t like it when I let it slide that late to come up with something but sometimes it works out.

I had this idea back on Day 079 for my light tracing post but it was too late to follow through with it.  Well, tonight I decided that it was the perfect thing to do with such a short time left before bed.  It turned out pretty awesome.

Still can’t help but wonder what the patch sounded like. In any case, Charlie’s light cable pics from Day 101 are light-drawing at its coolest. Be sure to check out what else he’s made so far this year. [via Synthtopia]


Ledpen2 Cc

LED light-drawing pens

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